Auto Body Repair in Southampton, PA

The staff at John McShane Auto Body has many years of experience in frame and unibody repair. The staff also provides auto cleaning and detailing, towing, collision services and auto body repair and painting services.

Frame & Unibody Repair

The majority of cars and trucks on the market today are built using a unibody design. In vast contrast to older car models, unibody vehicles must be repaired using hi-technology equipment. This expensive hi-technology equipment must be used even to repair minor vehicle damage. Only well-trained automobile technicians are authorized to use this equipment. While training is expensive, it is a necessary investment to ensure customer satisfaction and quality results. The staff at John McShane Auto Body is one of very few automobile repair shops that is capable of restoring unibody vehicles to its factory conditions.

If you own a unibody vehicle that needs repair, please contact John McShane Auto Body for additional information on how we can restore your vehicle to its factory conditions.
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